Alarm Bull

Woke this morning to the sound of a large and heavy sounding animal pawing the ground RIGHT outside my tent and making very deep gutteral grunts and noises.   The amount of air moving through its nostrels on each breath was massive.  I laid there and figured that if it decided to trample my tent my best shot was eyes open so I could see and dodge.  I had the rain fly on so there was no way to see what was going on.  Several tense minutes later I zipped my way out and it was gone.  I was cold grumpy and my back hurt but happy not to have been trampled.  We found out later that it was a bull running protection for a herd of cows.  Evidently we had camped right in their pathway.  The cows were scared of us and stayed a good distance but the bull clearly had no fear of us and made his warning sounds again as the herd passed by.   Good morning TAT Rider 🙂   



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