Oregon Update

Enjoying Oregon.  Beautiful.  There are trees here :).  Its still dry and dusty but way more tolerable than Navada desert.  Tonight we are camping primitave.  Arrived at a super sketchy hotel and decided to bail on it.   Again the outdoors is better than staying in a nasty hotel.  Nothing else around.  Its beautiful here.  I am about out of food though.  Having oatmeal with bacon bits for supper :).   Dont think I will finish it.  Wondering if I should make an attempt to burry it.  There are big cats here and I saw an area named Grizzley something.  Google says they were killed off here in the late 1930’s so maybe that name is not currently relevant.   There are all kinds of critters bellowing and carrying on.  Some of it is cattle but some sounds dont sound like any cow Ive heard before.   

Im just eating it all – problem solved.  

Im back to the question I had earlier – what is my right role here now?

Good night Jim Bob 🙂



One thought on “Oregon Update

  1. Oatmeal and bacon bits. Yum! Sure do look forward to reading blog entries from you and Larkin. Several times a day I check to see if the latest from you has arrived. And, when I see that you have sent another entry it’s a highlight of my day. Your role? I’m sure that you have and fulfill many for yourself. For me you are living an adventure that I just dream about. You’re an inspiration for us your family and the widening circle of friends and colleagues who are following your adventure. It takes balls. You three got em!


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